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About Us


In the essence of this community, aspiring writers, creators actors and contestants are discovered by industry TV professionals. With your talent and passion to succeed, we pledge to promote your skill set to decision makers within the television industry.

Our philosophy is simple. Our success is measured by our clientele’s success. Attaining success for talent suspended in anonymity can simply result in that individual aligning with our company. We understand the of this complex industry and possess the relentless drive to fulfill your dream.

The company’s founder was initially discovered for his creative writing skills at age 18. Several of his playwrights displayed much diversity in genre and were performed with great success.  Coupled with his creative talents, he has considerable success in effecting marketing and promotional campaigns. With more than 35 years-experience in developing, targeting and implementing successful marketing strategies, the founder has secured multi-year commitments with hundreds of companies and Fortune 500 entities located within the continental United States and Hawaii.

With the many forms of advertising mediums, selecting an effective mix is essential if success is to be achieved. Our staff at Reality TV Registry is committed in advancing your talent and success. This highly diverse destination has been developed to elevate our client’s visibility and promote their skills, whether it be their creative writing, acting or special talents inherent to competitions that are unique in our reality proposals.

“The lifeblood of any business is dependent on the success of its promotional campaigns”

If you have expectations of fulfilling your dream ….it is essential that you employ marketing and promotional campaigns like that of successful businesses.

Today, may be the turning point in your career. It is yours to choose.