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  1. A few, recent success stories of individuals who pitched their unique material to producers and then prospered from their efforts.
  2. John Stewart of Deerfield, Illinois was a former professional wrestler. His program, Bizarre World in Artifact Collection was sold to Fox TV Studios.
  3. Steve Santini of Ontario, Canada created a Docuseries that was acquired by Buck Productions and aired on A&E Australia.
  4. Stephan Reichel from Minnesota found his success when selling his Docuseries about Unique Professions. His program airs on Neon Television and Discovery Channel.
  5. Leisa Naples created a Docuseries titled, Happily Ever After, with the Mullins. Her Success was found through Dick Clark Productions and Freemantle Media.
  6. Dorie Genlesse was busy creating a variety of programs. Her success includes contracts of seven programs with Smoke and Mirrors Productions and with Fox’s Mobbed TV Series.
  7. Steven Blanchard created and also stars in his Docuseries, Saw Dogs, acquired by Discovery International, and Chainsaw Sculptors acquired from the Velocity Channel and OLN
  8. David Howe from Fredrick, Maryland sold an un-named Docuseries television concept to Buck Productions.
  9. Kenny Rowlette from Rockton, Illinois found success when contracting with Kingfish Productions for his collaboration in an original reality television series.
  10. Timothy Centner from a tiny rural town contracted with MDR Entertainment for his original concepts in reality television programming.

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