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The RealityTVRegistry platform has employed significant security elements to protect the loss, exploitation and modification of the information under our control. As a safeguard all user/members who elect to register, may only do so by imputing an electronic/binding signature “I AGREE”. This signature provides consent to the relevant non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement, or industry-standard material release form.

To insure, protection to our member’s credentials and projects, all information from registrants is reviewed and or vetted respectively, to confirm the validity of the information. This, to safeguard that our member’s and projects are being examined by legitimate executives in the film industry, and their entities. This assessment and authentication process is conducted prior to permitting access to our password protected database. All industry executive registrations are confirmed by RealityTVRegistry executives and/or staff. Any questionable registrations will be permanently deleted from our data base.

These individuals have full access privileges to proposed reality programming and talent credentials, that are submitted by registered individuals.


The RealityTVRegistry implement Form Mail and Send Mail to deliver electronic notification to certain registered members relative to the activity on their private account. It also delivers specific notifications of member related news. Our staff manually sends all emails to those registered with our promotional services. We do not spam non-members. Registered members submit either a personal or business email address that is used to receive notifications from our office. We pledge to never sale, lend or exploit member emails or other personal data to third parties.

User Activity Monitored Password protected access is provided to member writers. Thus, these members have access to a personal project status page where they are enabled to observe registered member executive reviews. The reviews are accessed for member writer related projects that are posted for review strictly for the access of the RTVR industry executive database. As registered industry executive examines or selects an applicable status for any project, that review/status is electronically sent and posted to the corresponding writer’s project status page. The information indicates the company name/ project title / date reviewed / and time. Industry executives have full discretion to select the status or the ability to change it at any time for any project that has been posted. The executive has no obligation to the corresponding writer. The review status logs are submitted to our registered member writers as a courtesy and service, and not to be construed as a right of information.


It is highly recommended that all member writers of RealityTVRegistry who submit original written material take the initiative to register for copyright protection. Your written material is considered intellectual property and it is ultimately the responsibility of the Writer to take these measures in protecting their work.

To provide mutual protection and privacy of both industry executives and registered writers, we require all registering industry executives to agree by electronic signature to an industry standard Non-Disclosure Agreement. Furthermore, all registered writers are required to agree by electronic signature, to an industry standard Material Release Form.


Member names and passwords are stored as “cookies” on websites that we use. Cookies permit individuals to store and retrieve login information through a user’s browser. A cookie is a small data file that certain Web sites write to your hard drive when you visit them. A cookie file generally contains information such as a user ID that the site exercises to track pages that you have visited.

The RealityTVRegistry registration form requires users to provide contact information including name, email address, and additional information. Our staff gathers customer contact information from the registration form to deliver user information about our company as well as information concerning available projects and other acquisition related data. The member’s contact information is also used to contact the visitor when necessary.

Industry executives have the ability to contact registered members of RTVR to discuss their talent interests and projects, therefore it is important that member contact data are current. If the RTVR member enlists an industry representative it is imperative to so state and include the current contact data of the representative. *Writer contact information is not publicly displayed on RTVR platform. Contact information is only released to a verified Industry Executive when a formal solicitation or formal review of the talent or project is requested by the executive. At that time the executive may discuss project particulars or a deal proposal. The executives and/or staff of RTVR may contact any member as deemed necessary.

Within the content of the RealityTVRegistry are links to related websites that are not under the policies of our company. Therefore, RTVR cannot be held liable for the privacy practices or the content of these websites. The RTVR staff and executives pledge to never sell, broker or otherwise distribute mailing lists, contact information or personal demographics information to third party companies, members, or non-members.