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” Demand for Compelling Programming Creates Vast Opportunities for Writers”

Behind every television program stands the writer, who with, creative imagination effects viable programming for the networks. Writers are the back bone of programming, that makes all TV entertainment possible.

Opportunity for writers is at the apex of growth for the 50+ broadcasting networks in the U.S. The growth of commercial television stations airing in the United States grew to a staggering 231% rate during the recent seven-year period. The appetite for original TV programming has created intense competition between the networks. TV networks exhibit an insatiable desire to discover new material from writers who can appeal to audiences in the U.S. and abroad.

While the opportunity for new writers is at its highest level, most production companies do not accept unsolicited material from individual writers. Having a literary agent and being affiliated with a known company with industry ties is nearly essential if your material is going to be read. Statistics confirm that individuals have a 93% Advantage to be read and discovered when being promoted by a 3 rd . party business that specializes in the service of their needs.

The RealityTVRegistry platform functions as a viable resource destination where Industry TV Producers and Executives review and discover unique formatted and docuseries programming. To encourage reviews of your material, registration is FREE to all industry TV producers and executives. We never collect a fee when options and/or contracts are executed between you and industry TV executives.


Our pledge, is to provide the highest standard of protection for your intellectual property/original material. Only you and industry TV producers and executives can view your pitch submissions. Industry professionals are carefully vetted before granting them access to view the pitches that you submit to RealityTVRegistry. Please refer to the writer’s registration to view the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that is required to be signed by industry professionals before they view your material.

Reality TV Registry employs multiple campaign mediums to promote your original material. Social media, magazine print, trade publication ads, internet banners, direct mail, opt in email advances, and most importantly, phone call conversations with producers and executives of TV networks.

As a registered writer you have continuous exposure to Industry TV executives and producers who can contact you directly. Your reality pitch or script is only available to industry TV executives who are registered as decision-makers with authority to review, option and acquire material. All Industry TV executive registrations are closely vetted to insure, legitimacy before granting their access.

After registering you can upload your pitch then have 24-hour access to edit or add other pitches. When an executive reads your pitch, RTVR retains a record, and through your private account you are able to confirm the name and company of the individual who viewed your pitch and at the time and date of the viewing.

RealityTVRegistry extends two options to promote you and your material. Option 1 is a standard inclusion of your material with all the benefits as stated above.

Option 2 includes all benefits of Option 1 Plus the visual enhancement of a Home Page Display Listing and Image Enhanced Pitch. Option 2 allows the writer to incorporate as many as seven images within the body of the pitch synopsis and with the inclusion of a highly visible Home Page 2”x 2” block display.

Either option will significantly increase your opportunity to be discovered through the usual business-to-business connections.

We have your best interest in mind, with the motivation to transform your dreams into a reality.

Writer's Benefits

Opportunity to have your pitch title & image displayed on high impact….Home Page
Advantage to be promoted via Business-To-Business approach
Strict vetting process to verify legitimate industry TV executives
Your account access to identify companies who have viewed your material
Account access to edit and upload additional reality proposals
We promote your unique material to producers and TV executives
Producers and networks access your reality pitch and initiate contact
We keep you apprised of future industry trade opportunities